Strength Your Imaan: A Study of the Islamic Beliefs

This class will focus on Islamic faith as explained in the books of tradional creeds. In addition to faith and belief, the class  will also  discuss Islamic laws. The class will start with the explanation of primary belief and basic rules of fiqh and transform  into intermediate leval. At the end of the class, the students will

  • comprehend the basic and intermediate level of Islamic belief and laws
  • explore the diffrences between early Islamic faith community and their origen
  • discover the importance of four traditional schools of Islamic law
  • determine the basic fiqh of everyday life.

This course will be taught in Urdu language, hence a rare but great oppurtunity to Urdu speaking community to enroll for the class and learn the real knowladge. 

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Strength Your Imaan: A Study of the Islamic Beliefs more...

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