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High pace, speed, comfort and ease are the hallmarks of this era.  Sitting on one side of the world you can convey your voice to the other end in the blink of an eye.  Mobile phones, Internet and various Internet applications, such as, Google, YouTube, Face book and Tweeter have taken the world to a new height of advancement which was unimaginable before.  This new era of advancement is also known as the digital age. The digital age has greatly affected all walks of life and brought a revolution in the field of education. All around and especially in the developed countries the use of printed books is becoming a thing of the past. The big publishing companies are closing down their physical shops and entering the digital age. Now you can easily find books in digital formats.
All renowned schools, colleges and modern universities come in front of your eyes with a click of a button and you can receive the education of your choice from anywhere from east to west. The eastern and western Islamic and modern universities also offer distant learning in addition to their physical campuses. Here, in north America, many modern and Islamic institutions are taking advantage of the distant learning system. Some of these institutions are in America while others are providing lectures and trainings from other Muslim counties via Internet. Some people in these institutes are well-versed with modern education but need to have more understanding of Islamic teachings. At the same time, there are some very intelligent and gifted people but they are not in agreement with modern sciences and American way of thinking. This is why, the administration of Al-Baheej institute, after thinking deeply about this problem, has decided to offer both physical and distant learning systems.

Instructors of Al-Baheej Institute:

The instructors at Al-Baheej institute are the scholars who not only have expertise in Islamic sciences but they are also well aware of modern ideas, philosophy and American and European psychology. These scholars completed their Islamic education from Indo-Pak and after that went to modern universities of Egypt, Germany and America to enrich themselves. Al-Baheej team is unique in providing specialization in Tafseer, Hadith, Fiqh, Philosophy, Belief and other sciences.

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