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Al-Baheej institute is committed to providing the highest level of traditional Islamic education available in the West. Simultaneously in touch with classical systems of training and contemporary technology, our administration and faculty provides state of the art distance learning programs along with physical classroom experience.

Goals and Objectives

  • To provide accurate Islamic education to youth and adults, both male and female in America and Europe
  • To come out of conservatism and individualism and use Quran and Sunnah as guiding principles.
  • To introduce clarifications of Imam Abul Hassan Ashari and Ima Abu Mansoor Matreede in the leading principles of Quran and Sunnah pertaining to faith.
  • To benefit from the Fiqhi reasoning of Imam Abu Hanifa, Malik, Shafi and Ahmad Bin Hanbal.
  • To make accurate Islamic education readily available everywhere in the world using distant education system.
  • To hold education workshops every now and then in different states and cities of America.
  • To arrange for invitation camps in different cities.

System of Education

Al-Baheej provides both distant and physical learning systems. Different courses are launched on various topics in different timings and their recordings are always available on the website. You can enroll yourself in whichever course you'd like. You'll be given a password after the registration which you can use to login to the website and listen to the recorded lectures. You'll meet your instructor once in a week who would answer your questions and to clarify anything which you were not able to understand. Whereas, those students who are taking Alim course will get their education directly from their teacher through live webcasts.

News & Events

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